Safety is our first priority, especially when it comes to the youngest members of the family. Dangers on the roadways are everywhere, so it is important to ensure the safety of the children in your car. Using car seats properly can go a long way in keeping children safe from these dangers. Here are some tips to keep those precious little ones safe in the car.

  • Be sure to select the proper car seat. Car seats usually have weight and height restrictions, so make sure you select one that is appropriate for your child.

  • Make sure the car seat is installed properly. Read and follow all instructions for installation. If you are unsure if you have installed it properly, many local fire departments and police stations offer car seat inspections.

  • Register your car seat with the manufacturer. This ensures that you will receive recall and safety notices. If your car seat is recalled, be sure to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

  • Make sure you properly secure and tighten all safety straps every time you place your child in the vehicle.

Replace a car seat that has been involved in a moderate to severe crash. Even though you may not see any visible damage, crash forces are extreme enough to weaken the plastic in a car seat.