Semi-Truck Accident

While trucks play an important role in transporting goods to all areas of the country, they can also be one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road because of their size and weight. These drivers of semi-trucks, also called eighteen wheelers, are often pushed to their physical limits from long shifts, causing fatigue and poor judgment. Due to the sheer nature of semi-trailer trucks, the accidents they are involved in are usually significantly more catastrophic than accidents involving smaller automobiles.

Truck drivers in Birmingham and surrounding areas who engage in negligent driving practices have the potential to cause vast personal injury and death to others. Some common negligent behaviors include traveling with excessive speed, failing to check blind spots when turning, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, ignoring posted signage or signals, not maintaining their vehicles, and working excessive hours without rest or sleep. This negligence can cause an accident where many times a victim sustains traumatic injuries completely altering their life or even resulting in death.

If you've been in a semi-truck accident, contact us immediately so we can begin work on your case. We will advise you of your rights and work hard to get the compensation you deserve.

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