The first step in proper medical care is the correct and timely diagnosis of the illness or injury. If a physician fails in this first step, the entire course of care may be compromised and the patient may suffer unnecessarily. Unfortunately, medical misdiagnosis is a serious problem in our health care system. According to RightDiagnosis.com, medical misdiagnosis rates in the ICU or Emergency Department range from 20% - 40%. We put our trust in hospitals, doctors, nurses, and technicians, but when these people fail at their jobs, the results can mean a lifetime of pain for you or your loved one. A physician is required to be familiar with potential symptoms and recognize them in patients, but sometimes the doctors just do not take the time to listen to the patients carefully. Not performing all the tests to correctly diagnose someone needlessly exposes you to unnecessary risk.

If you or your loved ones have been the victim of a medical misdiagnosis, there are legal options available. We will work hard to assist you to obtain monetary compensation for the suffering, diminished enjoyment of life, and financial losses. Call Traylor & Davis today. Let's discuss your situation and legal options.

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