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By law, your employer must provide you with a safe place to work. Sometimes employers either are not aware of unsafe conditions or choose to ignore them, which can lead to employees being injured. This can leave you with many medical expenses, time away from work, and a reduction in your quality of life.

In 2010, 3,883 cases of occupational illness and injury were reported (Bureau of Labor Statistics). These workplace injuries can come in many forms: exposure to a toxic substance; slip and fall accidents; injury from a defective product; repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome; injury from broken or defective machinery; or the employer and other employees not complying with safety rules.  If you are a railroad worker who has been injured, that type of injury would fall under FELA, which has different rules than workers' compensation.  Please click here to learn more.

If you have been injured on the job, you need to notify your employer and file for workers' compensation. You may also have a claim against a third party if they contributed to the accident. Our Birmingham workers' compensation attorneys can help you with that claim. Call us today to discuss your case.

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